Little Sister

Little Sister,

I pray to God that
you remain in a
peaceful ignorance.

I will take care of you,
I will keep you under
the veil of my adamant protection.

I will carry you where
you need to go.
I will look left and right
before you cross the road,
cross the city,
cross the world.

If you cross too fast,
I will pull the imaginary
umbilical cord
your head
my heart,

And drag you back
maybe kicking, or screaming,
or crying, or smiling,
but for your own good.

I make myself the
tree – old, wise-
knowing and
with endless branches
of experience
that explode in
different directions.

My hope for you is
that you will be
strongly rooted: my little tree.

Grow beside me,
never leave. Imitate
my branches of success.
This is my gift to you.

But you don’t want this gift.

You say
you cannot grow strong
so close beside me.

You say that you are
dying in the damp dark.
You say I block you
from sunlight.

So instead you choose
to be my leaves.
Surrounding my dark
branches, growing from
their so called magic.

You are all around
inside me.
You receive
your much desired sunlight
from all angles.
You careen in the wind,
but every night
you rest,
on me.


Little sister,
you rise
and sway with me
every afternoon, and

as much as this
connection warms me,
as much as I grow stronger
in your

I know that one day,
you’ll start to change

Slowly – and maybe even
behind my back.

And everyone sees how gorgeous you are.

People want
to take pieces of you

And you let them.

I pray to God that
winter never arrives.

I know that by then you
would have
completely fallen away,
blown away,
floated away.

Not only would I have
been stripped of my
and purpose
by your chilling departure.

I won’
know where
you are.
I won’

be able
to pull
you back
to me.
I won’
t be able

If you ever do
come back,
You won’t be
the same.

I beg you not to
allow the elements of the world
to pick
and pull you
away from my dark security.

For if you do
I know
that the
will be so great…

that I will pray
for the beautiful,
peaceful ignorance
to give


Back to the womb – 101

The Ceiba Tree

Many days have passed since my last post.  It was the 100th post on this blog.  Between 100 and 101 I have made an amazing journey back to the womb.

Finally.  I introduced myself to Honduras.

Over the next few days I will share with you the journey made out of my complicated and duplicitous world and into the welcome healing of family, love, food and simplicity.

Several times over the last few days the image of myself in past yoga classes has come unbidden to the front of my mind.  The instructor would pour out the invitation to grind down into the ground, feel the pulse of the earth connect with your feet, clear your mind and feel only the intention.

The intention is alive and I have some very special people to thank for the jumper cables they have been.  Thank you to my Myce for being the genuine and generous person she is, to my Monkey for being the most darling child, to their family for opening their arms to me, to Nena for being a powerhouse of a woman, full of inspiration, and to La Ceiba for being so honest with me.