Peter Rabbit Got Lost

It’s just plain MEAN what whoever they were did to him.  Let him loose in a country where Bunnies like him do not live wild,  in the scorching heat of the Caribbean summer, in a neighbourhood where cats and iguanas are the pests, and in a subdivision where at least 15 dogs are walked twice a day.  He must have belonged to someone not long ago – his collar is still on him.  They probably saw him as another mouth to feed (and backside to walk behind) and left him in a field full of spanish needle.  Meet Black Peter, the Rabbit.

Poor little Peter! If the dogs get him he will WISH for Mr. McGreggor’s pie!

The pups didn’t pick up the scent.  The two dogs ahead of us hadn’t either.  But why on earth would they be looking for the smell of some northern rabbit that they’ve never seen the likes of in these parts?  But Juju watches his mama very closely and followed my eyes to what I was watching so intently.  And went over to investigate himself.  Lola still hasn’t seen him – she didn’t want to put her paws on the grass (brat).



Up Close – Caly-puss and Anji-puss


Name: Caly-puss

Age: About 1 human year

Intrests: Extreme kitty sports involving consumption of strings, destroying furniture, milk.  Really likes milk.

Looking for:  New ways to keep my man interested.  Leaning towards jumping out of the third floor window on to a ledge while he begs me to come back inside.  But only after the stitches are out.

Anji-Puss (Darth Vader)

Name: Anji-puss, also known as Spook and Darth Vader and Pooter

Age: About 15 human years

Intrests: None.  Go away.

Looking for:  Didn’t you hear me the first time?  Beat it!