The forgotten one…

I didn’t remember at all that I had this orchid at all!  I thought it was the other half of Snow White.  Turns out Snow White was the small one with the new plant coming off it.

Introducing, PRINCES DI

The forgotten princess...

Snow White

My dearest Reader I know I’ve been a disaster to follow this week.  But I promise you I am working very very very hard to get back on the wagon.  By next week it’ll be over and we’ll be right back to What A Single Woman Needs.  For the moment, however, I have something to be grateful for.

Snow White.

Snow White bloom stalk

As you know I love my orchids.  They, like my rainbows, come through for me when I need them most.  It’s like the smell of a crisis coming on gets their juices up and makes them pucker and fight until they spit out a bloom.  Snow White broke a few days back when everything was breaking.  But her story isn’t over yet.

She was given to me in a moment of deep darkness to show me some light.  When I first got the plant it sat on my porch and grew.  I put it outside one day for a good rain and an iguana got to her, eating every leaf and having a nibble on her stalk as well.  I was so upset I left her outside to die and to dry up and wither, and wither she did.  A few weeks later I stepped outside to shake off the porch mats and looked down to see something green crawling on her withered and chewed stalk.  I got closer and saw it wasn’t moving.  It was a brand new leaf!  Snow White was alive!


She grew and grew even past the bamboo until the next disaster.  In a tropical storm before I had the chance to bring her inside some wind lit into her and split her down the middle.  With a bit more faith this time I planted the two stalks in separate pots with a prayer.  They have grown beautiful and tall ever since.  A month or so ago the shorter of the stalks came into snow-white dendrobium blooms.

A few days ago Lola broke her stem and snacked on a stalk of flowers.  I mourned as everything else broke.  But today the big stalk, the one that is now four feet tall, has just shot out a promise.  More flowers to come.  And Snow White isn’t alone!  One of my tiny orchids is also wagging its little finger at me with a flower stalk for another colour starting to turn themselves into buds.

No matter what happens I am never alone.  There is much beauty in my life to be grateful for.