It began with the neck

twisting slightly to the left

following a sound

of a heart’s bugle call.

It wasn’t smart, this turn

but blindly seeking

a missed beat, a correction,

heartflow shouting,

purpose scouting.

And what began continued,

ears open wide

to the tide

of other things

the heart should know.

Once begun

it followed through,

straining for more

of the sound

the head turned round

just a little more,

eyes tear away from the goal

of what was once ahead

and now instead

the straight ahead shifts

leftward, inward, more and again.

Thoughts spin,

pivoting focus

out of the familiar

comfort zone

to walk alone…

Away from all teachings

guidance, and direction

stepping out in faith

without protection.

Knowing that the darkness brings

either a ledge to stand on

or lessons on how to fly,

always God-led

and grace fed.

A new vista

leftward leaning

turning more

till inward facing


into whence it came;


home again.

Stirring deep

inside the Be

learning from the God

indwelling the soul

where He made Me whole.

Turning back to the dawn

of the self

lies wealth –

not of what was

left behind

but what I find

buried deep

in the honest purity

of naked being.

At one with

maker and creation lies

the truth

of Revolution.

I’m being featured as floet of the month!

EXCITED! And a wee bit terrified.

This is quite exciting!  And yes, it means I will have to expose myself and perform one of my poems, answer questions about something that for me is very intimate (my writing) but this is hella exciting.  It will be in the media this month starting with a feature in the Caymanian Compass.

OK I need to back up – I am part of a community group that meets at the local Books & Books on a monthly basis for Floetry.  Floetry is a community of poets and writers who meet together to share and perform their creations.  The local media has jumped on the program in 2012 and determined to feature a Floet every month.  For March, celebrated locally as Women’s month, I am being featured as the month’s Floet.

Off to dig through the archives for a poem I can put my soul into.  Any suggestions?