How sweet it is to be loved by you…

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Let me confess first of all that I am not a Techy.  My autocorrect tells me I can’t even spell it correctly insisting that it needs an ‘ie’ instead of a ‘y’.  Bahumbug.  My brother still loads my iPod.  My mom has more gadgets than I do ( iPad, iPods (plural), kindle, blackberry playbook, iPod docs and accessories).  In fact I think they switched our generations around.  She has more than one Facebook account for more than one capacity, several emails and understands apple and blackberry generations.  We’re all very proud of her.
Me not so much.  I like my paper books, my handwritten diary for work, a wall calendar and I will admit to missing the prominence of the CD.  I hate that people prefer to communicate my instant message rather than meet in person or talk on the phone (but admit its cheaper).  There are old friends I prefer not to have lunch with because they are always on their blackberry.
Despite all this, in the last six months I have maintained a blog.  And through this blog I have made some very real and very inspiring human relationships.
It is such a phenomenon to me. I have friends I have never lain eyes on that I have been through some pretty rough mileage with.  They have sent comments of encouragement in answer to my occasional rant, have heaped praise on me when I have enjoyed breakthroughs or simply written well, and they have shared their inspirations, their pet peeves and their breakdowns with me.  I count a few of them a real friends whose opinions I value and whose blogs I enjoy.
There are very real people on the East Coast and on the West Coast of the USA, in England, in South East Asia who share moments of my day with me, my struggles and their struggles, my joys and their joys.
We are FRIENDS.  Using a virtual reality to share our true realities.  A friend of mine shares frequently about a  peeve of his – abusive relationships.  He has applied his shoulder to the wheel of a great cause and helped me understand how to avoid sliding into one.  Another has just given birth.  She took us through every step of her pregnancy with hilarious detail and I honestly feel better prepared.  She’s younger than I am but well on her way to being a super mom.  If Kat can do it I’m sure I’ll be able to do it when the time comes.  She’ll be there for me.  Another expresses herself through black and white drawings.  She will be doing portraits of my family and of my pets for me in the coming year.  Another lady is a retiree who really enjoys words and sets us little writing projects that stretches our skills.  And I could go on and on…
Teresa of Ávila, a saint whose story has me fascinated, encourages her reader to seek good friends to pray together and strengthen each other, said of her own experience, “I had many friends to help me fall; but as to rising again, I was so much left to myself, that I wonder now that I was not always on the ground.”
As for me, I have not been so neglected.  Where one form of friendship causes pain another opens itself up as consolation.
Today I am thankful for how sweet it is to be loved by you.