dawn is mineShifting, rising, waking

at the sound of song,

shuffling into slippers

to face another dawn.

One pup in her bed,

one out his window peering

as silver creeps across the lawn

that night is done with sharing.

Coffee poured and leashes latched –

a canine celebration!

And quietly we slip outside

to face a new creation.

Winged musicians yawn a song

as gold slides in their nest

“Of all the visits light has made

today will be the best!”

Palm boughs drip with diamond dew,

mist parts their leaves to rise,

grass flowers disrobe to bathe

in sunshine from the skies.

Green flash seekers line the beach

to search day’s end for a sign.

They can keep the burning sunset.

As for me, the dawn is mine.


Wake the Sun

Puppies leading me to sunrise

Today I walked the dawn with my puppies on a lead.

We trotted our ten legs awake at gentle morning speed.

Wind tickled through our ears and whispered all around.

Sleep-slow feet and paws pit-pattered on the ground

Till through a brightened dew we three slowed to a stop

Squinting up we realized we’d woke the sunshine up.