The Power and The Vote: A discussion around voting and whether or not you should

Gimme somethin better than this!

As an introduction to this discussion, let me first introduce myself.  I am a single 20-something Caymanian woman.  I have no children, some tertiary education, a home, a decent job, religious beliefs, an interest in reading and a love of writing.  You will know from reading this that I have a blog, I am not short of words and I am not short of opinions.

I have never registered to vote.

This shocks many people and I have until now been very careful who I say this to.  But, you know what, I feel good about ME.  So there it is.  Near a score and ten I have never voted.

A few more facts before I get down to business and what this discussion is about – not only am I not short of words or of opinions, I am not short of friends.  Put an extrovert in a small town and you end up with something like me – I know thousands of people, have to cull my facebook monthly to keep it under the sweet spot of 800 friends, can hang out in any district in Cayman and about every level the society has to offer, and have a pretty good feel of the state of our society as a whole.  I say all this to say…

I have ONE close friend in the twenty-somethings who voted on Wednesday.  ONE.

 Now let’s talk about why that is.

I do not presume to have the answer to this question.  I cannot and will not speak for my entire generation.  I am inviting YOU, the people I know, to explain to me why you are not on the voters list.

I would also like to invite those who are on the list who strongly (or not) believe in the power of the vote to engage me.  Convince me.  Leave a comment on this blog or on this page and tell me why you choose to vote and why I should.  A little later I’ll put my own two-cents about my WHY of it.  Keep an eye out.

ONE RULE:  I ask that you respect the non-partisan nature of this page.  For those of you with a party to plug, plug it elsewhere.   I am not inviting the left, the right, the middle, the green, the orange, the red or the blue to sing the party songs on this page.  If you do it your comment will be removed – don’t be upset, you’ve been warned.  Save that stuff for those who are registered and we will be just fine thank you.

This is about the system and whether or not and if so how much one should participate.  WHAT DO YOU THINK?


So yes, I have thought about writing a novel.  And I have virtually completed a book of some kind in this blog of mine over the past 3 months.  But what about the world of serious writing?

Writing class did some very important things for me – it made me realize that I love this stuff!  I’m still not sure if I’m good at it but that’s only marginally important.  If I love it I should do it no?

Enter NaNoWriMo.  A competition to write 50,000 words before the end of November, National Novel Writing Month.  All I’d have to do to be a winner is write.  And I’d have to start today.

But then doubt sets in – I’m exhausted.  I have a week’s vacation, should I be busting myself over this?  My computer needs to be replaced before I can expect to do much more than social network on it.  There’s a full plate of obligations set before me and I have no idea how I’m going to meet it.

So NaNoWriMo… I will think on you for one more day.  By tomorrow I’ll know if I’m crazy enough to try it or not.

Mind you… it’s only 1,666 a day… 1,724 if I start tomorrow…

What do you think?