The first 14

Today my blog is two weeks old and the Resolution of the Hair is firm.  I have made the right decision to lay off romance for a while and to commit to posting every day something of value that does not involve romance.  I knew it would be a challenge – especially the daily thing – and that I would learn a lot along the way.  But I had no idea what I was getting into or where it would take me.

Every so often I am going to draw brakes on this blog and review my lessons.  I’m in unchartered waters within myself and my own space and like all good explorers off on adventures before me into new worlds I feel the need to draw a map.  These reviews will be the signposts and the milestones of the journeys I have made – into my own soul, into the world, into new friendships, and through the internet.

First, my internet journey.  It has been remarkable to create a website almost from scratch with little zero knowledge of this world.  If I am honest with myself, and with you, I will have to admit that I am a bit daunted by technology.  Despite belonging to the generation that invented Facebook and Twitter, I have been a bit afraid to venture too far.  The social sites I get – they are made for the use of all people including the ignorant like myself.  The email thing is great for work and for life.  But to step out and choose colours, fonts, backgrounds, link to twitter accounts, link to previous posts and select and define parameters for widgets – I deserve a MEDAL for what I have had to overcome to get to this!   What has also surprised me is how much I enjoy it.  I had to stop myself with self admonitions from spending two more days on setting this thing up (“Who cares if there’s no photo in the heading Bushlings?  get on with it, you need content for this to work”).

I’ve found WordPress a bit baffling, a new world to dig around and play with.  The support seems to have been written for techno geeks but fortunately I have a few in my address book to bail me out when I need a little help.

Blog surfing is relatively new to me too.  I joined this expedition for the writing, not the reading.  But now I have been sucked in!  Into tag surfing, leaving comments, and meeting new people.  I have met a talented artist who likes to draw portraits in pencil, a father who loves to tell stories in rhyme, a young PhD student with an interest in the plight of single women (bless him), a Catholic devotee who believes married couples should be chaste after having kids (whatever happened to the Proverb about drinking out of your own well?), a grieving mother determined to comfort others with memory bears, and a couple of crazy college self-proclaimed Betches who are obsessed with all things Betch.

Something very exciting for me is the fact that there are people out there who want to read what I have to say.  Hundreds have popped in for a visit this past fortnight (212 in one day!!!) and some have committed to me, to hear me out every single day, by pressing the subscribe button.  What an honour!

I don’t know if this is a break if internet etiquette (and I don’t rightly care) but I feel the bursting desire to say “Thank You”.  Thank you for taking the time to visit, for taking the interest to commit, and for offering the grace of understanding in your comments.  Thank you for sharing and supporting my journey – a journey is only as good as the travelling companions.

Several of my friends have taken this a step further and started their own blogs.  Four of them to be precise.  Some are private musings, some are public offerings, but all are an enrichment to the world.  It truly amazes me how one drop of water in an ocean can start a ripple from shore to shore.

My journey has started strong on the internet but what I did not expect was how much it would push me off the computer and into the world.  In committing to delivering a post every day about anything and everything but romance until my hair grows I have forced myself off my couch and into the world to find things, do things, and live things to write about.  It has turned into a resolution to live every minute of life and leave no moment unfilled.  Almost like a renewal of vows with Life.

My personal journey, the sabbatical from relationships, is a cleanse.  It is a challenge for me as it would be for many single woman.  But it is so liberating!  I have conversations without digging for deeper meanings (because who cares if that’s what he’s after?)  I gently redirect away from flirtation (and sometimes not so gently).  I choose what I wear, what I eat, where I go and who I spend time with completely free from the hinderance and influence of “what-if-I-bump-into-Mr.-Last-Chance-on-the-street-today?” kind of thoughts.

If I do bump into him he’ll have to wait.

I am having too much fun to quit!  In two weeks I have learned that I like being pretty – for me.  I enjoy putting on my makeup for the art involved.  I relish walking my dogs for the fresh air and not the calorie-burning benefits.  High heels kick my confidence and don’t just perk my bottom.  Friendships of substance keep me revived and refreshed as the ideas come without potential lifetime mating consequences.  I am truly blessed and life can be such a joy with me on my own.

One day when the hair grows to my shoulders I will see how I feel about getting back in the game.  I suspect, if the first fortnight is anything to go by, I am going to want to continue on this journey.  It might keep me in the hairdresser’s chair!  But in truth, it will take something mind-blowing and special to take this train out of the Single Stream.

I love my life!


Singlestreaming Protocol for Lightning Storm Blackout

  1. Tuck Juju and Lola into their beds with puppy sedatives on board.
  2. Keep all doors closed to hold the cold air from the a/c in for as long as possible.
  3. Sit on the back porch and watch the electrical fireworks dance in the sky.  With smart phone.
  4. Invite sibling/bff/neighbour to do #3 with you.  Not a problem if you decide to skip this step – alone has its own unique benefits.
  5. For real entertainment, skip #1, take the dogs on the porch with you, and let the show begin.  If the thunder doesn’t wake the neighbours, the dogs will, and you’ll have a reasonably justifiable answer to any petty complaints.  Also, you’ll laugh so hard at the performance that you’ll sleep well even if #2 doesn’t help and the place gets really hot.
  6. On your smart phone follow the updates from friends in the affected area and friends in the power company.  It is the one time that having friends in the second category will do you any good.
  7. Pray the house stays cool enough for you to roll into bed without, God forbid, having to open the windows and listen to the mosquitoes do what the dogs were doing if you actually went with step #5.
  8. Strip naked when porch-sitting and update-watching gets dull and power seems to be taking forever.  This step is best done indoors as lightning by nature gives off light.  Don’t want to add to the neighbours’ distress.
  9. Put a glass of cool water next to the bed.  The purpose of this is to remind you when you reach out and touch it that this is the temperature you WOULD have been enjoying if you had only bought the damn generator when your dad was trying to push you to do it.  Can also be used to keep you hydrated and cool.
  10. Sleep.  As early as possible.  Because tomorrow night you’ll go for broke doing the things you wanted to do tonight.

All Hail the BFF!

She told me to meet her at the sushi bar we often confuse with home.  Kawasaki (not his real name, but don’t tell his boss) always experiments on us, putting a new roll on the plate for us to pop like calorie-free pills.  Isn’t sushi soooooooo good?  We forget it’s food!

And so does he.  To Kawasaki sushi is art.  Poor chef had no idea he was handling the most powerful thing in the world.