Ahhhhhmmmm... Nice Wings!

OK.  The Resolution is complete.  So I can allow myself to think about this and actually enjoy putting it into words – one of my secret delights.  Crankiness is over, I’m no longer pissed off and the day has started well.  With an uplifting view.  The Ladies who read this will know exactly what I’m talking about… oooo la la.

Now this is the kind of post a girl has to read and re-read to make sure it is couched in the language of the true artistic appreciation for beauty and to make sure she doesn’t sound like a lush.  But there are no two ways to say it – there are few things on Planet Earth more beautiful than a nice WINGSPAN.  The space between the tips of the feathers-fingers and the ripple of skeleton-and-muscle-mass well defined and artfully designed.  Better than poetry for a discerning watcher.

The rest of the body might have room for improvement – teeth may be crooked, eyes close, legs short.  But who cares when the wings look about likely to fly – or lift heavy things real high?  A paunch might sit loosely around the waist, but isn’t important if all is right in the right place.

Of course we are taught to seek out one with a good head on his shoulders.  But isn’t there something to be said for good shoulders?

Enjoy your day my ladies!  I hope you spot a good WINGSPAN!