About Singlestreaming

Follow the Singlestream and you will learn of a woman who one day woke up single and heartbroken and decided to erase all the rubbish from her memory by cutting her hair and embarking on a new adventure. Until the strands reach her shoulders she will fill her life with things other than the idea of romance. She will write of the life of the Single Woman for the Single Women out there to read.

Simple yes? But if you’re honest, you’ll admit its REVOLUTIONARY!

The whole story began with The Resolution of the Hair

16 thoughts on “About Singlestreaming

  1. This journey could lead you to places inside you, you have never wanted to visit…….so are you ready for the possibilities?
    And pray tell how short did this hair go?
    And lady, you may choose to avoid anything romantic……what if it chooses you???

    Consider these

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  6. Oh wow. This is absolutely brilliant! I have a sneaky suspicion you are going to find your way into random conversations I have this week.

    “…so the other day I was reading the blog of this woman who cut her hair and…”

      • No way. Singlehood is a vital period in one’s life. We too often cut it short by viewing it as the gap between relationships, but God grows us through singlehood in ways we are not available to while in a relationship. Similarly, we are free to serve God in ways that a relationship makes difficult, if not impossible.

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