Every Single Woman Needs…

There are so many Mommy-blogs on the internet, and blogs on how to pick up women, and blogs with funny pictures.  But there are very few blogs for the Single Woman.  The blogs that claim to be for her are almost all about finding her a man.

Isn’t there more to talk about?  Doesn’t the Single Woman have needs?  Isn’t she interesting and fascinating on her own?  Outside of her relationships, her work, her potential motherhood?  Bushlings has decided that there is, she does and she is.  And a new page was born.

A Single Woman needs…

  1.  A Security System – you are a precious treasure to be guarded.
  2. Sexy Underwear – after all, it’s not about him.
  3. A Platonic Husband – you fight with him, you hate him, you love him, but you’d never marry him.
  4. To Serve – just because you haven’t given up your freedom doesn’t mean you aren’t a giver.
  5. Accountability – Of course you’re smart.  But that doesn’t mean you don’t sometimes lie to yourself.  Be accountable to someone other than yourself.
  6. A financial plan – with the great freedom of singleness comes the great responsibility.  For something very precious.  Your Self.
  7. Someone she can be nice to – someone she can trust with her kindness and not have to defend herself against.
  8. To know why she is here – it isn’t about how the last one cheated or waiting for the next one.  The Single Woman is single and the reason is within herself.
  9. The Stiletto – this isn’t about you.  It’s about everyone in a 5 mile radius of your sexy high heels.
  10. The Power – the love within a woman is more powerful than any other human energy on earth.
  11. Flowers and Food – why buy when you can grow?
  12. A Job She Loves – for the number of hours we spend in work in a lifetime, they should be spent on something of value.  To you.
  13. To love the good men in her life – Be he a Daddy, a brother, a friend, there is always a good man in your life.
  14. Vacation – quit playing hero, honey.  You do not live to work, you work to live.  Take the time to live a little.
  15. Rest – ignore the fear that gets in the way of you listening to your own thoughts and add years to your life.
  16. Fight the Frump – invest in the real estate between Hobo and Bimbo.
  17. To Touch and to be Touched – you may not be someone’s woman or mother but you are a contributing part of the human family.
  18. To understand DEBT – it isn’t your friend.  Especially not in this economic climate.  Banish it as quickly as you can.
  19. The delightful view that is THE WINGSPAN – you’re single.  But you’re still human!
  20. To be Brave – it doesn’t mean you don’t have fear.  It means you face it.
  21. To Burn Bitterness.  It takes up too much space in our lives that could be used for something else.
  22. Faith – you need something you can’t explain or ignore, something bold and scary and amazing and fulfilling.
  23. A Breakup Checklist – for false starts.  They are inevitable.  Unless you’re a Nun.
  24. Strategy around Relationships – men do it and it seems to work for them, why shouldn’t we try it?
  25. Reinforcements – The battle is real, call help when you need it!  And help will come.
  26. To put pain in perspective – every emotion has a purpose.
  27. To be Responsible – leave participation in the age of irresponsibility to lesser beings.
  28. Two Values in her friendships.
  29. Some Elevation – getting some distance from the details to see the progress and the purpose behind it all.
  30. To take time off from being a Bulletproof Babe – how can we expect others to meet our needs when we ignore the fact that we have needs?
  31. A hot water bottle – for those days…
  32. Other People’s Children – the kind you can send home at night fall
  33. Something Green – new life without the weight gain
  34. Girlfriends – the awesomeness must be shared
  35. Dates – pleasant attention, free dinner, and the chance to see what’s out there
  36. Her Own Bed – thread count, more than two pillows, and silence
  37. The Bikini – when you’ve got it rock it
  38. Chocolate.  Nuff said.
  39. Travel – the world is too glorious and you are too free to enjoy it for you not to get out there
  40. Moments of silence – your thoughts must be listened to.  Otherwise, why bother to think?

and the list grows on and on…

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