Bushlings to Bolt

Bredrin mi luv you lang time… like rasta man love ital.  Mi did dehyah da wait pan yu fi show di wurll ow di ting run.  Nuh baddah widdi lang talkin – put i’ dung fi dem eenah dem istory book.  A YOUR story book now!

BOSS MAN!  Mi dah love you like ow mi love mi caffi.  Mi caffi, mi caffi, mi bawl a bwilin caffi in di mahhhhhhhnin (Miss Lou, wish you did dehya fi see).


  1. He shows up on time.  Unlike most men of our generation the man knows the value of beating the clock.
  2. Puts in the WORK.  Talk about making it HAPPEN.  Bredrin, weh u give dah leave BRAWTA!
  3. Never takes things for granted.  (Take note Asafa.)
  4. He comes just like how I like my coffee… not too sweet, no milk, keeps blood pumping constantly.
  5. Makes me PROUD to be a Jamaican.  Sweetheart with all the rough reputation the land of my Father has had to endure, your golden triumph makes me proud every time you cross a finish line.


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