Ever wonder what a life coach does?

This is 15 minutes on the philosophy.  It isn’t presented as a definition of coaching.  But this is a perfect example of what a coaching conversation looks like.


7 thoughts on “Ever wonder what a life coach does?

  1. Lol, she is cute and a little awkward…and smart.

    But it’s raised a lot of questions. I’m sort of confused. Is Life Coaching kind of like…figuring out your own personal equations for achieving goals which should = being “happy”. What happens at the end of life coaching…or does it never end?

    • It’s about finding the answers inside yourself, bulldozing down your own walls, training yourself in how to get to your goals without getting in your own way. It ends when you say it ends. But you never have to end it!

  2. I was unexpectedly surprised by my enjoyment of this 🙂 I’ve come across similar things like this before actually, but I like how she does it.

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