to dream of love…

It’s ok to dream of love –

to need is not to fail,

to want is not a weakness.

So why do I think ill

of it?  Ill of me?

Why is it that longing

feels ungrateful?

Does needing make me


Why does seeking seem

so faulty

naughty, even greedy?

Does wanting it all

make me needy?

But its ok to dream of love…


Isn’t it?


Does dreaming of love

put one in conflict

with loving ones own self?


with ones own mental health?

In seeking there is

every chance

of never finding

sweet romance,

yet is that enough

to never seek it?

Or an excuse

never to be weak

and open to the hurt

of being human?

What matters more-

the pedestal

of lonely and unbreakable

uninvaded shore?

Or the chance

of being wounded

in the search,

sullied in the conquest,

with the unknown possibilities

of victory,

the prize of

the unshakable… Love?


It’s ok to dream of love…


to lose is to participate

rather than like a

damsel wait

and wilt, and wither thin.

The capstone on the vault

she entered without fault

buried for eternity therein

“for fear of doing any sin

she failed to do at all.”


Let it not be said of me!  I will dream of love.


5 thoughts on “to dream of love…

      • Well, here’s my few tuppence worth:
        1. One may get so consumed in the ‘dream’ and forget about the work that may need to be done to get that ‘love’
        2. One may through the ‘dream’ build up an image of ‘love’ that perhaps will become a fantasy and thus get more pleasure from imagining this exalted ‘love’ state.
        3.Once one is in a relationship, the reality may not live up to the ‘dream’ and thus one may find it hard to enjoy the present
        I could be totally wrong. Plus I think men’s perspective is totally different to women’s.

      • But to not dream of love at all certainly doesn’t answer that problem does it? To not dream of love is to not imagine it, not see the option when it presents itself, and convince one that one does not want it (even though one NEEDS it). OR it could be to simply not explore the concept and by not exploring it never come to an understanding of it.

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