Land Drown

I rise from my sickbed today

to tell a sorry tale

of how the asthma children feel

when lungs threaten to fail.

The world begins to narrow

and the air begins to thin,

dry land turns into something like

a deep surfaceless swim.

Lips turn blue as the chest heaves

and slaves for every breath

hands curl and dive in pockets and bags

for drugs to stave off death.

PUFF squeezes in the mouth

a time or two (or four)

and if ten minutes pass like this

there will be need of more.

As the wheezing settles, water

and then a bio break

but all the while a-squat and shakin

like a Turkish earthquake!

The drugs will rattle teeth

and shake even your hair

but you thank God for another day

as the fog begins to clear.

When next you see a sufferer

give a thought to their distress

bruised, battle-weary but on fighting

for their next and future breaths!

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