… when you decide it’s time to live

… when you decide it’s time to live.

This is a post by one of my favourite bloggers about one of the most relevant topics in my life today – getting past what others think and getting past the hurts their smallness and inability to understand can place on your soul and REALLY LIVING.  There is a don’t-care element to confidence that I battle to maintain.  It isn’t the ugly defiance of arrogance but the calm and unthinking indifference or polite inattention to the complexes of others.  This poem captures the truth about a few things –

  1. Growth is a personal thing.  You alone determine how much your person grows.
  2. Growth attracts jealousy, resistence, and challenge from unexpected places.
  3. Those unexpected places DO NOT MATTER.  Growth is still priority over them.
  4. There is nothing wrong with cutting loose the anchors that certain friendships place on your growth.

Love it Hank.  Keeping an eye out for more of your poetic inspirations!

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