New beginnings!

Welcome to the new and improved Singlestream!

This overhaul coincides with a few very important happenings.

  1. My dearest Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  For all that I am nothing if not politically cynical and distrusting of Her dear Grace’s parliament (or any other pit of vipers for that matter) and about the worst subject she could have as far as my reverence for her *cough-outdated-cough* position, I do wish the ole lady a good one.  I hope she got to soak her feet and warm up with a hot toddy after that long haul of a river parade.  Wish I was in London to see those boats!
  2. One year since my holiday weekend in Turks and Caicos where I made some amazing friends.  We’ve known eachother for a year now and looks like we’re not going anywhere anytime soon.
  3. A GLORIOUS long weekend to spend on some beach somewhere (should be combined with #1 above, as it’s thanks to Madam Queenie).
  4. The first time I wore my sexy new six inch heels.

Enjoy the weekend as it continues, my fellow subjects.  As to the rest of y’all, doesn’t independence suck?

4 thoughts on “New beginnings!

  1. Dear single streamn’ how cants though konfuse my wunerful Queeneie wid her, not so ungracious parliament (scandal after scandal after scandal and more scandal caaahh done)….that their gurl has done sooo well inspite of losing her beloved dad suddenly, which banannaskinned her into deh magnificent bejeweled seat, wid scepter, wen she wuh only 24. I love dah woman.

    She is a steady boat ina hurricane of upheaval, made a phantastic mom, survives a perpetually un gracious partner, manages to reap the best fruit in her grand children, retains a sharp mind beyund most her age and half it, that appreciates the sweetniss of all that is and was her realm.
    If it wuzznt fuh she stamps wouldnt catch their second wind every decade or so.

    Now tell me how to dislike a lady ( the epitome of unflinching grace) who is born of privilege but could fix a Land Rover like a pro ( the early ones), make a horse ketch fire in a steeple chase, and get up and mend to ride again after taking a likin, breaking her hand in her seventies. Tell me how not to love a woman who can keep a straight face when Tony Blair come talkin money-ina -pocket war with Iraq against every wisdom but a bank account…

    Missiz Queen is the center column of the dignity that has marked British culture for survival. She is to be credited for the continuity, though diminished, of polished speach, the holding together of
    kilt wearin’ shortbread makers, Cardiffian speakers, and the house of Shamrock. You know wa kinda talent it take to keep dem peeps under one ruuf….

    Long HRH…love u miisiz queen. Two short bread, a swig a Dragon wid a splash a Dewers, raise yu toddy in the other hand, wid an extended pinky….cheers to my gurl. Live long and sweet yah.

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