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My dearest Readers, I am finally feeling able to talk about my book.  For followers of this blog from the very beginning, I must clarify this is not the same book that I began when we first met.  Late last year I tried my hand at some fiction writing and found myself writing more of my opinions on this blog to make up for what I REALLY wanted to say.  No, no, no it will not be fiction.  This year I began something else and have rolled down a hill like a snowball full of ideas.

Will give you my elevator speech and ask you kindly for some accountability, as I’m in a bit of a rut.  But a GOOD one.  You ever have something to write that you’ve worked out in your head and you can’t wait to start and then when you pick up the pen you don’t know where to start?  Well this happens to me EVERY TIME I pick up the pen.  I sit to write Chapter 1 and I end up spending 3,000 words worth of time down in Chapter 6.  I sit to finish Chapter 6 and instead find myself itching to be in Chapter 3.  It’s a bit insane and I’m so eager and in love with the subject matter I want to gobble it all up at once!

The result has been an overwhelm that stops me from picking up the pen because I don’t want the mind to play tug of war with 9 corners rooting for 9 separate chapters at once.  It’s tiring!  Can you imagine the little elves in my head pulling the strings on the brain fighting to win for their chapter?

 (Cue any advice from actually experienced writers – anything you can do to help me make sense of this?!)

But having actual material that I love so much means it will be getting the best of me.  Once I can quiet the elves and give them the talking stick to go one at a time.  It is something I believe in and something I have preached and had validated over and over up on my soapbox for years – the information contract.

The premise is that we are all owners and creators of information.  We are also generators of information.  But what information is mine?  And what information is yours?  And how do I handle what is mine and what you have given me that is still yours?  What are the terms of the agreements that we form about the handling of the information we share?  What should our boundaries be?  What terms should dominate the agreements of each context – the contexts of our relationships, our work places, our friendships?  How should we work with information in these places?  Very importantly, what should we do when our boundaries have been trespassed past?

In an age where information is a tool, a weapon, and the source of income for the largest magnates of the world, why would we not be conscious of our own information?

There.  Elevator speech.  Are you sold?  Is it something you would read?  Do you see anything I can do to help me get past the noise in my head?  I am SO EXCITED by this stuff!

Long weekend ahead – I have some extra time to dedicate to sorting out information – my information – for the book on information.

Have a great weekend all!

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