Forgetting what I used to know… 9 lessons in 9 months

This blog began on 10 August 2011.  In a few days it will be 9 months old.  I read the About Page and I am flooded with gratefulness for the flow of the Singlestream and the God-given gravity that guides it.  This little brook has burst through the cranium out of my pained and haunted thoughts, caught a ride in the veins of my intentions, got flushed out and clarified by the kidneys of newfound dreams, given fresh air on the journey through the lungs of my discovery, until the flow finally found itself back at home in a place it had almost forgotten – my heart.

For nine months I have travelled… through my pain, out of bitterness, touching base with my roots and cutting connections with the millstones that previously sat friendly around my neck.  I am a different woman.  The 9 most profound things I have grown to know in the past 9 months are.

  1. My body is mySelf.  It isn’t just a vehicle to carry me through life that can be treated like junk and traded in for a new model later.
  2. The mind is a dangerous thing when left alone to run things.
  3. Vulnerability is hard as hell to practice.  But only through being brave enough to be vulnerable can we find real connections.
  4. Love in friendship is no less important and no less powerful than romantic love.
  5. Strength is not the opposite of feeling.
  6. I can heal.
  7. Time alone is the only place where I can get to experience God.
  8. Love takes work.  Every castle needs maintenance.  The bigger the love the more important and the more costly the maintenance.  But the bigger the reward.
  9. Some relationships are meant to end.

This blog was meant to be an experiment.  In the end it has given birth to a new woman.  One of wisdom, zest, power, conviction and a reigning heart.  A woman with the ability to lead.

Much like the woman in the end of this video, cracks and stains have been washed away within the Singlestream.


3 thoughts on “Forgetting what I used to know… 9 lessons in 9 months

    • I know right! But for it to have power it must be SHARED. I realize that trying to share with others who didn’t value it the way I did led to hurt and led to me feeling I was wrong. In the end it convinced me that it was less valuable.

      Thank you and the others for reconnecting me with this truth.

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