Road Rage Gone Funny

Every time I pass the spot I think of it.

Back to back traffic coming out of South Sound Road on to the East-West Arterial.  There was this MASSIVE Hummer driving behind me.  He was so close I couldn’t see anything but the grill through my back glass with a hint of my red brake lights reflecting off the chrome.  I drove up and he came right up with his grill, smelling my lil Audi’s backside once again.  I rolled down the window and gesticulated – Bobo ease off!  I could barely make out from outside my window a white middle-aged man sat quite comfortably in his own rolling island.  On the damn phone.  So he missed the point.  Moved up a few more feet, gap opened, and Mr. Hum V was slam right up against my rear-end once again.  Right before I got to the corner I pulled off the road in a temper and rolled down the window.

He couldn’t escape me.  He wasn’t going anywhere soon.  And he was on the phone.  But he rolled down the window.

Burnin up with Caymanian rage I bawled out “Bobo you cyaa get so close in sum’n so big!”

And steeped out just as unconcerned in Caymanian nonchalance he drawled out in a deep old Cayman accent “Wha haapp’n you friight’n awah?”

I couldn’t help it.  I cracked right up.  And as the gap opened up again he gestured to me to come in front of him again.

4 thoughts on “Road Rage Gone Funny

  1. Damn women… You are so fine! Any man would be lucky to be with you… So smart, intelligent, and attractive, and I bet your feisty as ever! I’m just going to sit back here and know my role as your admirer. Keep it up!

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