Trayvon Martin, and questions we should all be asking ourselves

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Playing with words is fun

This Trayvon Martin case is compelling on so many levels, and I think when something like this happens in our society, if we don’t use it to look for deep, societal answers beyond dissecting the African American teen and the white man who apparently felt threatened by the mere presence of the boy in his gated community, then we are missing an opportunity.
But to find answers, we need to ask questions of ourselves, and we need to answer them honestly, even if it hurts.
For example, when you first heard the story – black teenager shot dead by white neighborhood watch leader – what did your mind tell you independent of what you heard? Did you presume Trayvon to be a punk or trouble-maker, or a racially profiled young man? And did you presume George Zimmerman to be a hero? A vigilante? A racist? What did your gut imply to you?

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