First day in Kingston

Welcome to the photo journal of my vacation in Jamaica. The two days before going into the country, I admired the blue mountains, read on the porch, and had lunch at Usain Bolt’s restaurant in Kingston.

View of the mountains from where I stayed in Kingston

I came and brought cooler air from the north into Kingston.  The mornings were crisp and the mountains had a shroud of fog over their peaks every morning.  I can just imagine how cold it must have been up there!

Morning coffee on the patio over Kingston

Juxtaposed right into the busy city street, somehow I managed to absorb what I was reading.  The cat, Calypso, came and insisted on a rub every now and then and helped me adjust to the quiet and comfortable pace of being on vacation.

Lunch at Tracks & Records, restaurant home of the great Usain Bolt

Our very pregnant waitress was clear in her explanations and had a beautiful smile that she shone on to us as often as she came to our table.  The food was excellent!  I recommend the jerk platter and the bungle of fries.  They are a mix of sweet potato, cassava and irish potato and served with a jerk mayo thingy that was divine!

Usain Bolt's NYAMINS! LOL! They rock!

To Nyam is to eat in Jamaican patois.  Nyamins was a truly appropriate name because everything on the menu looked able to make one lick one’s fingers shamelessly after.

The T-shirt of my friend Paul - BEGGING to be photographed!

All I could do was shake my head… and photograph the thing!



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