BLOW through the smoke screen to the real monster – KONY

So… I don’t need to know the details.  I don’t need to know the man, the weakness, the problems, the arrest, the nervous breakdown allegations.  With or without the opinions and reports on the life of the leader of the Invisible Children I have come to understand the following FACTS:

  1. Joseph Kony raped, murdered, disfigured, enslaved, tormented and terrorized for over 26 years in Uganda and other countries in Central Africa.
  2. Led by Jason Russell, The Invisible Children’s professed purpose has been to create a reality of infamy that would facilitate his capture and justice for his victims.
  3. The video KONY 2012 went viral and has been viewed by over 32 million people, succeeding in the purpose at #2 above.
  4. Joseph Kony is now infamous and there is a greater possibility that he will meet his justice as a result of this infamy.

At the end of all this and for these four reasons alone, I would like to shake the hand of the man who founded this movement, even if his hands are none too clean and his own self weak and imperfect – that simply makes him about as human as every other human being I know.   In his own video he didn’t profess perfection or strength but only purpose and passion.   He did say that a bunch of littles can do something big.  And even in his littleness – weakness, unpreparedness, mental illness, WHATEVER – he has made a big impact on this world.

Nothing as small as one man’s failings should change what we know to be wrong and right.  What the affected children of Central Africa have suffered is wrong and cannot be justified by any moral system.  A few years and a few miles separate you and me from being one of them.  For the right and wrong of the historical reality alone the world will be painted red in April.

Praying for Jason and that the work he has done well and imperfectly will meet success in the capture and judgment of one of history’s monsters.

I invite you to put your face in here... or the face of your child, or sister, or brother.

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