On writing… and not.

I have always wanted to write a book.  This time is the third time I have begun a work of fiction, made it into a good 1/3 of the writing, and found myself truly bored with the subject matter.  So bored, in fact, that I don’t want to write a single word.  Enter writer’s block.  Perhaps you can identify?  If so, I’d love your insights about my new idea.

Reading, on the other hand, has never lost its charm.  I grow in leaps and bounds in the ideas of others.  In fact, I am currently being inspired by the life of St. Teresa of Avila – a nun who was asked by her confessor to write down the history of her life, the origin of her ideas, and the direction of her faith.  So radical was this woman that I have never understood how she came to sainthood and not to burning on the stake!  Yet to her, her ideas were simple, her life was wretched, and her story quite insignificant.

And so I have found her inspiration battling within me against my exasperation.  I feel a powerful calling to write but why bore myself with the staleness of my creations well past their sell-by dates?

Out of the blue I hear the voice of my writing instructor calling out the story in us.  She would tell us that your own life is a rich field waiting to be harvested.  Your own experiences are ripe with undiscovered fiction.  And so it came to me that I am to start with fact.  I may find myself boring but I alone have populated this particular character in each of these experiences and I have a round sense and an original perspective that no one else can capture but me!

And so I will write.  My story.  I will harvest my own field awhile.  I may never publish in my lifetime – so rich is this story with the secrets of others – but I will write it for it to one day become a story the world can read.

When this tome is off my chest perhaps I will find fulfillment in the rest.

2 thoughts on “On writing… and not.

  1. I’ve been writing stories off and on (moreso off these days) since I was 13, and whilst they’re not really of any quality, I just really enjoy it when I get this absolute flow of writing happening, and before I know it i’ve typed up multiple pages. It’s an awesome feeling. As for writer’s block, if I get stuck, I just start writing something else. I’ve found that sometimes when I get stuck it’s because I have irrelevant ideas. So I get them going somewhere else then come back. Having said that, one of those type of stories ended up being the longest one I’ve written, so sometimes you can start with one thing and end up completing something very different!

  2. Hey Bushling,
    The truth is I believe you have all the materials you need to create the work of fiction which you have in mind. However I think that you have already struck gold in this blog and in doing so you have shared some wonderful treasures. I like your blog and I am a man (this is for those who don’t know). What I believe the next step should be if you have not already done this, is to compile the materials you have here and publish hard and soft copies as a woman’s survival guide; Platonic husband, stilettos, budget and all these things are areas of interest to many I believe . Your subject matter as it is now, is relevant, fresh and interesting. I could also see you easily having articles in Elle and other women’s magazine as well.

    I am also very excited by your posts on Self Esteem and sit on the edge of my seat for the follow up on Identity etc.

    So I would not harp so much on that fiction stuff, but that will flow when it wants to flow.

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