For You

View from the ground where I was found...

I stand amazed at the perfection of Your plan

as barren ground brings forth fruit,

tiredness pure joy and ancient hurts fresh youth.

Surely the years that I have suffered

mild hurts to my body,

salty lacerations to my mind,

and deep, altering wounds to my soul

have not been in vain.

My famine is now surely preparation for Your rain.

And what a rain…

It is for YOU that I lived that story;

a tale of fighting and betrayal,

with villains and plot twists,

mountains to climb and dragons to slay.   It is for YOU

that I lived that story

with widow sisters Sorrow gripping one hand and Suffering grasping the other

Craven Fear and Mrs. Woefull Forebodings popping in for tea

and Job’s comforters passing by just to see…

the broken me.  It is for YOU and Your perfect plan that I have lived my story

for young as I am and far enough from the end

I cannot help but give You glory!

How remarkable that you should use,

seek out, hunt down and adamantly choose

the voice most drunken-loud with pride

and full of sins I cannot find the strength nor the place large

enough for it all to hide!

The ears this voice has fallen on, fallen ones

from bar to drinking hole-

every corner claimed as home by the lost soul.

This was my home, these my fellow wanderers

living heavy days of hangovers and hardness,

harboring hurt and hate and hunger

knowing nothing that can satisfy, ohh

my fellow wonderers…

Then blasted into wonderment like Saul’s return to sight by the might

of the least expected…

Slicing the eye of the hurricane in two

and parting the sea below – let

NOTHING stand in my way as I walk

My hand in the palm of my God-

the Father that will never ever fail me-

in the perfect path of his choosing,

fueled not by tequila or propane

but the joy bursting out of his powerful name.

Learning to relate and basking in His afterglow

His power creates something courageous

out of the broken pieces that I am and know.

It is no toy, this treasure I have been trusted with –

To be treasured by One so perfect is a pleasure with no end

and through my grateful lips a shocking sound has slipped.


Sssssss… ssssss… ssssss


Send me!

Truly all I have has been given to me

and I know no other purpose worthy of such gifts.

Let me not cast your pearls before swine – send me.

If my voice which was made to rise to you

and fall on all around

falls only to the ground, then

I would have done murder to the souls that You would call –

And so with all I am I bawl SEND ME

It is for Your will that I have lived my story

Father, use it and use me to Your glory.


3 thoughts on “For You

  1. Well written. Thanks for the post.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine.

    I came to your post because I saw a comment on the 100 word challenge for grown ups…
    on writing on the previous prompts. I also just caught wind of this as a regular challenge and I will have a list of the previous prompts to use for dVerse or other free write postings.
    I don’t have a back log of poems or stories I would share, so I keep a file of unused prompts to use. I think I got redundant…sorry.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your writing.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

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