Alarm clock screaming splits the junk
Of the dream to which I’d sunk.
Before my eyelids part their ways
I sense it is one of those days.
Milk is curdled, coffee cold,
Mirror tells me I look old,
Boss just sent an angry text,
Heaven knows that I am vexed.
Traffic drags and tire squeals,
Day too full to take my meals,
Important meeting, feeling manky,
Dammit, why am I so cranky?
Crawling home, caffeine long gone,
To a garbage littered lawn.
The killer temper just lets fly-
Surely today the dog must die!
But lifted fist falls limp aside,
Overcome by the rising tide.
The anger simmers but defeated
By a fuel tank long depleted.
Hot water washes over me
My bed alone I want to see
Before sleep conquers I will pray
For a better tomorrow than my today.

3 thoughts on “CRANKY

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