For many the end of 2011 was met with a sigh of relief.  So much mileage was covered, so many injuries sustained, so many disasters survived.  But there was so much good!

Today, sat back on my heels with eyes to the rearview mirror, I have so much to be thankful for.  I have a family that has supported and valiantly fought side by side with me against my demons and my challenges.  I also have very dear friends who have banished loneliness and embraced me for who I am.  There have been many hard-learned but much-needed lessons in human form.  I have been so busy surviving the year that only taking the time to look back has revealed to me just how far I have come!

I have a new home to call mine, a roommate made of gold, and two pups that treasure me.  My challenges have been overcome with my work thanks to the expert guidance of my mentors and the diligence of my team.  Much poison has been leached out of my life to leave me light-footed and ready to serve.  Bad habits have been conquered and my lifestyle changed. 

And going through it all, my only feeling was the pain of the fire.  So many moments were heavy with burden, I was sure everything had either stopped or was moving backward.  But casting an objective eye backward from the calm ocean on which I now am sailing compared to the hurricane I woke up to in 2011 I am staggered by the distance between the two places.

On this 1 January 2012, I commit the days ahead to my God.  Only by being carried in strong divine arms have I arrived at my destination today.  Why mess up a good thing?  Mind if I stay in this cradle awhile?

There is so much to be thankful for!  And in focusing on these things, I can firmly declare 2011 COMPLETE.

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