Out of the completion of 2011 there have been many lessons picked from the soup of experiences that will be carried into the construction of my future.  These I have labeled the five commitments. 






Commitment 1.  I will take care to maintain my wellbeing.

This is a commitment of many levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Physically I will monitor my rest, my eating habits, my exercise and go to my checkups with doctors and dentists.  Mentally I will ensure that I rest, feed my brain with productive and enriching reading and activities, and apply myself with diligence to my mental tasks.  Emotionally I will take care to rest myself, take time for myself to enjoy beauty, love, loved ones, family and places of peace.  Spiritually I will commit time to pray and to meditate spending time with my God.  I make this commitment because I am all I have to give and this gift must be stewarded well.

Commitment 2.  I will be a disciplined leader in my work. 

I will be the epitome of customer service standards, fair leadership and commitment to meeting the needs of my team members and clients.  This has been relatively easy to maintain in the past but as my responsibilities grow and my team grows so too will the instances where this resolution is tested grow in number and frequency.  It must now be resolved.

Commitment 3. I will complete my book.

The steps have been plotted and the outline drawn.  I know what I need to do.  Already I have begun to do.  But discipline will need to be employed for me to pour this book into being.

Commitment 4.  I will be open to entering a relationship.

In this commitment I mark the end of my period of commitment to being single.  It was a time of healing, of focused growing and of learning.  Now a new era will be allowed to dawn.  I just need to practice being open to what I have been decidedly closed to for quite some time.

Commitment 5.  I will test the spirits.

As commanded in my Bible, I will carefully test the spirits of the people who enter my life before assigning them a role in my story.  No one will be called friend or foe without having earned the name.  People will simply be allowed to BE in my presence. 


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