Nana It’s NOT

“Yes Nana?”

“Nik, I need you home from work, I’m dyin’.”

“What’s killin’ this time Nana?”

“Don’t smart mouth me, Nikki. It’s cancer killin’.”

“But wasn’t it cancer two weeks ago?”

“It’s ok. Laugh. I’m callin’ that nice Dr. Chalmers…”

“That man still answers the phone?! Wonders never cease. What
kind of cancer, Nana?”

“How am I supposed to know? I’m no doctor?”

“Where is it?”

“My foot.”

“Ok, give me ten…”

“Doctor Chalmers, hey. You beat me to the deathbed.”

“Indeed I did. Had to get here in time to hold the door for

“You’ll soon quit comin’.”

“And miss our weekly date? Never.”

“Hi Nana.”


“Come on now sweetheart, Nikki’s come from work and you know
I love your smile!”

“Show us your foot, Nana”

“Well…. what’s wrong with it darlin’? Point for me.”

“It’s the skin around the toe. Are you sure it should be that

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