Time Puzzle – Solution

Now don’t laugh – I really have solved it.  And the first budget cut will be done with the ….

1.  iPhone!

No one in my social circle uses one.  The blackberry runs this town.  But right now I’d much prefer business continuity when RIM trips out than to give unlimited access to me to my long list of acquaintances.  Friends and family care enough to call and I have a feeling my quality of life will improve with Angry Birds and the removal of that little red star that drives me nuts.

2. Blog time

I’m afraid blog time also needs to be cut.  Blogging every day may in fact be a danger – no space to recover from sudden bursts of emotion and an OCD-level obsession with getting a post out in a 24-hour period.  There are some posts I would have more wiser made with time.

3.  Slash Social Circle

Budget cut number 3 is very important.  There is a social circle I need space from.  It involves a lot of alcohol and other toxins and I’m working on the wet-dream body.

I’m sure the time budget, peace of mind, financial budget, and writerly time will all benefit from a properly managed Me.  And the book will be laboured upon and delivered with much flourish in nine months in the space specially created for its birth.


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