Breakups with girlfriends are so much harder.  You expect so much more from them and for them.  You see the great person they are inside and love her deeply and without reservation.

We often hold back with men.  Love them only a little at a time until things fall apart or come together.  But people like me find in their girlfriends a place to give love freely.  We open our hearts wide to a girlfriend and bring her deep inside to her own special place.  When she hurts we bring tissue and dessert.  When she celebrates we bring champagne.  When she leaves we are on the next flight after her to help her settle in.  She is invited to our birthday parties, our house-warmings, introduced to our families, and given a place to sleep on the other side of our bed.  She is important to us forever.

When she commits treason we lose all confidence in people for a while and it really rocks our world.  There is no hurt like it.

In past weeks little drops of poison have made their way into the stream from me.  They haven’t been about a Him per se (they were only marginally about ‘Hims’ plural) they were about a Her.  A Her that hurt me deeply time after time until she finally reached the keg

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