I left him for a reason.
But I have forgiven him.
The most recent disaster of a man to present himself
was himself a major help in the process.
But is it still my job to protect him?

Or should I leave his ass, newly forgiven, to the fate he deserves?

Do I owe him any loyalty at all?
Or her for that matter?
The her that held my hand through four or five breakups
with him?
Four or five haircuts.
The weak woman that made a poor friend
And then sent HIM to tell me that she’s sleeping with him?

How sick is this very question?
There are so many dirty nasty secrets
she forgot she shared
and really a lesser person would have published by now.
To the embarrassment of them both.
But her dirty loose self most of all
And the truth all should know is
that I have done my best
to be the bigger person.

And I will leave it tonight…
…to a more poisonous bitch than myself…
Karma. Do take over.

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