I know, it is not a Milestone. A Tomb Stone. That says SNOW WHITE! Thanks to one of my readers! VERY funny given her break this week.

It’s looming over me, that hundredth post.  And it’s amazing!  It is said by experts that it takes 30 days of repetition to form a habit.  This is much nearer to three months and I am so blessed by this journey.

Also looming is the milestone of my wet-dream-body project.  According to that body fat percentage measure thingy that looks like the control for a car racing a video game I have lost 2% body fat.  The pounds aren’t showing and the inches are slow to reveal themselves as lost but, hot damn, I feel good.

Today I am also pleased to announce that the crisis is over and all is right in the world.  Back on the wagon and ready to rock it.  Words exchanged, numbers deleted, toxins removed and Bushlings is sleeping like a baby again.

Yet another milestone is the completion of my writing class.  It was great!  I am very grateful for friends made!  And I am so refreshed and inspired and ready to write my book!

So much so that I have booked a flight to Honduras.  Back to my roots.  Another milestone in itself.  I have never been there and so it is a great source of excitement for me to make these plans.

Finally, it is FRIDAY!  The milestone end of a big week for me.  One full of challenges.  In my work, in the protection of my resolution, in my writing, and in my family.  Good things.  All good things.

And today as I welcome the weekend I thank God for all the good that is here, right now, where I am.

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