Dear RIM I think I want a divorce…

So RIM failed us. Again. What a life-shattering experience this day has been! But what will it take for me to really leave the blackberry for the iPhone?

Yes, I’m annoyed as hell but I haven’t made the jump yet have I.

Today I realized that I am more committed to my blackberry than I have ever been to anything else except maybe facebook. I just can’t leave it. It wakes me up in the morning with the sweet sounds of blackberry music and puts me to bed at night with the last chime of incoming email. It stays by my side through walks, breakfast, the short commute, conference calls, bad dates, and boring sermons.

And now that I’m conscious of it like Adam and Eve realizing their nakedness I’m inclined to reject it.

But how inclined am I? And won’t an iPhone be worse?

2 thoughts on “Dear RIM I think I want a divorce…

  1. I am thinking about pulling the ‘chute on Blackberry as well… especially after the major outages yesterday… I was planning on getting the iphone 5- but now I hear its the iphone “4s”?? What’s up with that, man.

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