Promise Season

a little promise in the sky…

Most islanders having grown up in devout Christian communities will have a memory of the Rainbow song.  It went a bit like this:

A Rainbow is a promise in the sky
There’ll never be another flood where all the people die
When Jesus comes to take us home with him on high
A Rainbow is a promise in the sky

The little things we were taught as kids stay with us don’t they?  Ever since I was a little kid, every time I see one of these pretty boys I sing it in my head.

Sure, I’ve learned the science behind the rainbow and how light on water works.  I understand that in rainy season there will be more of them than in dry season.  But somehow the lesson sat there and the sight of them makes me sing and makes me smile and makes me remember.  They are like an omen, a reminder.

And they always show up when I need them.  I remember a few years ago I was saying goodbye to someone very dear to me and the day that I hugged him goodbye at the airport I walked out to my car with tears in my eyes and there it was – a rainbow.  I also remember being very scared about a very big career move I was contemplating another year that I looked up every day for several weeks to see a promise in the sky smiling down at me.
Perhaps I only go into crisis during rainy season?  I should keep this in mind, maybe I can plan for it better.
Today I woke up to a battle.  I have many challenges to face and have many fears to conquer.  There are things that weigh on my mind with the heaviness of a herd of elephants.  I slipped on my flip-flops and hooked up the dogs, armed the system and tucked my phone into my pocket.  It was full light and there was rain water in puddles in the driveway and sweetening the fresh air.  I needed to drink deep and steel myself for the day.  When I turned the corner around my building I looked up to see a little wink of a promise.  It was slow to appear but shone clearly through the power lines.  As I walked to the gate it lengthened and the colours got bolder, lending me a boldness to answer truthfully the questions I would be asked today.  I walked in circles pulling the dogs even when they wanted to stop and do their business staring constantly at the sky.  It grew wide at the base and rooted itself in the bush across the street, spreading out like a long trunk into the sky.  As if God wanted me to really get the point.

No matter what, Bushy, I will be there.

Bolder and wilder with the promises of God

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