Mind Games – What are they good for?

This is the post I intended to publish yesterday.  Funny how things turned out…

When you saw the title you probably thought this was another rant about the manipulation of men and women within relationships, the mind games played in the power struggle.

It is not.

Mind games have a bad rap.  And so, in the interest of being fair to them, I will explore the subject of them a little.  They have virtues as well, don’t they?

In my opinion, what is important in the distinction between a virtuous mind game and a villainous one is who the game is being played on.  The example I am prepared to explore today is the mind game played on the person closest to you.  Right now.  Every day.  Every minute.  The best played mind game is the one played on your SELF.

So, SELF is having a rough day.  Cannot seem to let go of a bad moment.  It could be an embarrassing mistake, an ex boyfriend, a trauma, a betrayal, or just a problem that has grown from a molehill to a mountain in the mind of your SELF.  YOU want to let it go but your SELF doesn’t seem to know how to actually do the deed of dumping it.

Time for a mind game.

  1. For those who are struggling to get your SELF to let go, separate YOU, the sensible part that wants to move on, from SELF who is a being that is all emotion and hurt and bruises and obsession.
  2. Then have a conversation between them.  Out loud.  Take the role of YOU speaking to yourSELF.  For any of you who attempt to deny you have out loud conversations with yourself don’t even bother to try it with me.  If you don’t you are sadly lacking in the basic elements of an interesting personality and we both know boring people do not read this blog.  **wink**
  3. Say “I USED TO” to yourself.  “I used to be upset with my cheating, lying ex boyfriend” or “I used to think I couldn’t get past this hurdle”  or “I used to be hurt by the things my friend (or frenemy) said” or “I used to hate my job”.
  4. Wait for the magic to begin.

Don’t you find that in tricking your mind into thinking something is in the past you are able to open doors to your future?

I was warned by my guru-brother who called me with this idea that this only works for non-physical things.  He gave me an example – a man who feels useless because he has lost one arm.  He can’t say “I used to have a missing arm” and be miraculously healed (D’UH).  BUT, he can say “I used to feel useless because I only had one arm” and all of a sudden all sorts of ideas will flood into his consciousness about how, ok, he used to feel useless but now he feels useful and this is why…

Not fool-proof, of course, but it is a mind game.  The conscious decision expressed out loud to change direction and take your thoughts down a new path.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.

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