Every person over 25 will remember the first computer they ever saw.  It may have filled a room or a corner of a room.  The youth of the era will remember the evolution of the games from Pong and Snake to Worms and now Angry Birds.  You will remember being tickled pink the first time you solved a computer version of solitaire and watched the cards flow in a fountain… a very, very slow fountain.  Some will remember the black screen (or even the blue one!) of DOS.  Or perhaps you will reember the whole briefcase that was the first mobile phone, the rumours of cancer, and the snowball effect of technology growing and growing and catapulting us through the past three decades.

Despite getting an earlier start, technology in the past two decades has hurtled forward from the “computer room” and the brick phone that could only make calls within its coverage area to the ability to open the garage door, start your car, order coffee and complete the document you will need for the 8 am meeting on the same device and in the space of five minutes.

Today we pause to honour a man.  He was someone who made a significant contribution to where we are today and was part of the step by step evolution of technology.  Isn’t it a cute coincidence that a man who created a Leviathan of a company employing millions and kicked life into every single industry throughout the world employing billions and billions of people would be named Jobs?  The world watched in shock as he stepped down from the driver seat a mere six weeks ago.  Yes, even giants get sick.

When the news of his passing came to my phone by email (regrettably not an iPhone) my first thoughts were did he really give himself enough time?  Did his wife have enough of him in those six weeks to sustain her?  Did his loved ones build memories in those last few days?  Did he, Steve, have enough time to himself to come to terms with his future?

Today in my humble little orchid corner with my coffee cup in hand I thank God for my blessings.  My family is intact, my food and shelter provided for, and I have at least the illusion of the promise of time.  Time to see my tomatoes grow, to watch my parents mellow into their golden years and my siblings fall in love and prosper, to crowd around plates of tajaditas with the Bushlings clan and to write thoughts and stories, memories and wisdoms, and to touch hearts and lives.

What will you do with your Time?


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