Writing Class… create the scene

The in-class assignment was to take ten minutes and describe the scene of where you are right now.  It is a place of significance to you.  The description should explain why this is so.  Here is my go…

The chairs are lined together in rows two by two, hemmed in by the colours and faces of the books on all four sides.  Rigid shelves of black wood are home to books of all sizes, dedicated to arts of all types and filled with writers of countless ideas.  The shelves have different heights and the books stand, lean, some with faces forward and others spine out, each an individual with its own height, its own depth, its own story.  Sat on chairs of plastic and cold metal piping, the writers look up from the wooden floor to the faces of each other and the animated instructor.  There is the smell of ink giving life to new word, the rustle of filled pages turning to give way to fresh empty ones, and the focused breathing of a score of thinkers deep in their own creations.  Enough light fills the room to make the pens fly without hesitation and each set of shoulders rounds easily to the task in the company of their peers.  Others who have the same goal, to create a new face on a new book that will one day find a home on these same shelves.


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