Someone she can be nice to

From the time our breasts were budding and our waists were sliding into curves, we Single Women have been targeted by the attentions of men. We learn to say “No” at a very early age and repeat that word over and over every week, sometimes every day, and for some of us every waking hour. We are defensive. This is a statement of fact.

Our history of self-defense begins as early as age ten and carries on into our last breath. In the majority of cases, where we have said “Yes” instead of “No” we have entered into dangerous territory and have come out hurt and damaged. More belligerent in our self-defense with a new edge to our “No”.

But let’s face a fact today – every Single Woman yearns for someone she can be nice to. Someone she doesn’t have to defend her mind, her heart and her body against. She wants to have a conversation with someone who looks her in the eye and not the bra, with someone who makes her smile with good humor, and with someone she can give of her own free will some of her sweetness to without fear that it will come back to haunt her.

And she finds this person in many places – the gay best friend, girlfriends, other people’s children, a platonic husband, a dog. They receive her kindnesses and enrich her life with their joy and their kindnesses in turn. Without these receivers a Single Woman’s life would mean far less to her. She has an innate need to remain true to her essence and not be completely absorbed by her defense. She can trust them with the best of her, to receive her gifts with grace and without calculation.

Finally, just about every Single Woman will admit to you, if she is honest, one profound truth. If she ever meets a single, attractive, heterosexual male she feels she can safely be nice to, she will never leave his side.

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