Sexy Underwear

It’s not about a man.  It’s about her and how it makes her feel.  But we don’t need to tell them do we?

There is nothing that boosts outer confidence like an underneath of vermilion lace complete with garter belt and knee highs.  And lingerie goes everywhere.  It can go under the most conservative business suit, librarian-dreary gray skirts and turtlenecks, or the uniform of the female police officer.  It matches everything- sandals, boots, any handbag, glasses, up-dos, guns, motorbikes, desks, choir robes, dreadlocks.  Every single woman – in fact every woman – should have a drawer designated for filmy creations that make her feel smart and sexy (SMEXY!).

A single woman knows that the only thing better than looking sexy is feeling sexy.  It doesn’t matter who sees.

One morning after yoga class in the shower room a yogi stared into the mirror, curling iron in hand.  Her face wasn’t front page material but no one noticed.  As she released one ringlet at a time it was the lace that caught the attention of the ladies in line for the shower.  Hot.  Pink.  Garter belt and black knee-highs.  Later she was seen hailing a cab in a conservative gray suit with black leather pumps.  An ordinary woman on her way to an ordinary  job.  But with an extra pep in her step.  There was something about the way she raised her hand and something more to her tone when she gave the driver directions.

Every woman in that shower line went out that day and bought a pair of knee-highs.  Writer included.

When To Wear Sexy Underwear

  1. When you feel fat – It can help you feel sexy despite the bloat.
  2. After a breakup – Remind yourself that he is the one losing.  And my oh my what a loss!  You can almost feel sorry for him.
  3. Tough days at the office – Feel like you’re in charge even when you aren’t winning.  It helps you bring your A game.
  4. On a date – It keeps your standards high.  You know he has to put in the work for someone of your caliber!
  5. Important presentations – How could they not be impressed by this confident woman comfortable in her own skin…  and sexy second skin?
  6. To Church – Conforming on the outside and your own woman underneath.  GUILT FREE.
  7. Job interviews – If only they knew…
  8. To weddings – Sure, it’s the big day for the bride, but she’s in spanx and YOU’re in french lace baby!
  9. Girl’s night out – Be on top form and in good company.
  10. ANY TIME YOU WANT – Why limit yourself?

When do you wear yours?

6 thoughts on “Sexy Underwear

  1. It depends if you wear any underwear at all. I personally feel it’s overrated, overpriced and just another garment to get in the way of ‘heat of the moment’.

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