A Security System

Women are stalked, the victims of violence, watched from the darkness, beaten, raped, kidnapped and generally mistreated every day.  Single women in particular are targeted – there is no big burly man looming in their doorways when the intruder comes at 2 o’clock in the morning.  The world we live in is not safe.  This is a statement of fact.  The single woman, like everyone else, must accept it.  There is a single woman in just about every neighbourhood in the world.  Single women who are single by choice share the common characteristic of being independently minded.  Because of this tendency it is most common to see, particularly in the West, the single woman move out of her parents’ home and into her own when she gets to a place of financial stability.  You will find her in the favelas of Brazil and the mansions of Hollywood, in villages in Nigeria as well as the high-rise apartments in Tokyo.  Her safety is always concern.  But she must, like everyone else, get on with it.  After all, why pitch a hissy fit over something she is unable to singlehandedly change while we could be doing all the cool stuff we want to be doing in our single-woman lives?

Enter the security system.

Big Strong Man

In today’s technologically flooded world the options available to a single woman for her own protection are endless.  She can have cameras or motion sensors sweep over every inch of her property.  She can have a video record of every human being that comes within an inch of her door.  She can pay to post a security guard with eyes peeled over her home.  She can have an alarm system that notifies the security company, the police, or her of any intrusion to her space.  She can put a panic button on her keys.  She can have all of the above hooked up and interacting with each other.  A single woman can be so wired that if a person were to sneeze too hard in her vicinity the whole of creation would tumble down on him.

Where to start…

  1. Budget.  This is important for almost every single woman.  Unless she’s born or worked her way to being minted, of course.  The single woman does not have the boyfriend or the husband make contributions to the joint account.  She should determine what she can afford and go for it.  At minimum she should budget for an alarm with all the ground floor windows and doors wired to it.  It is a start and it isn’t unreachable.  If it is unreachable, she should be looking for a big dog.  But dogs have more maintenance costs than an alarm system – they need to be fed.  And dogs can’t call the police.  Budget wisely – while being realistic keep in mind that there is no way to put a price on your life.
  2. Choose a Security Company.  Carefully.  Do they have local monitoring or does it go to a call center in India?  Do they have a good reputation with people in the know?  Call up a cop you know, someone in the security industry, look them up on the internet.  Are there complaints against them?  Any lawsuits?  Do they treat their staff well?  Do they hire decent people?  Or are their staff the same shade of dangerous as they guys you’re trying to protect yourself from?  Ask questions.  Lots of them.  And then commit.
  3. Research the equipment.  The single woman should know how it works even at a basic level.  Know how much maintenance it will need, know if it is transferable for monitoring by one company to the next just in case you want to switch providers, and know when you’re being fed a line of bull.  Security system salesmen can be like car repairmen.  If they think you don’t know what you’re doing they’ll tell you to not worry your pretty little head and then pull a fast one by installing something as protective as a kitten for a Fort Knox price.
  4. Engage a monitoring service.  If you’ve chosen your security company wisely, you will be much safer when something does go wrong and they are monitoring your system.  Even if you only go with an alarm, make sure it is monitored.  It is no use to you to have an alarm go off and call no one.  It is of only a little more use to you to have your alarm go off and only call you.  Best to have a big and strong man headed out to your property when that alarm goes off to check and see that you are safe and that your property is intact.
  5. Arm it.  Don’t walk out and forget to set your alarm.  When stepping out of the door remember your panic button, if you have one.  Don’t even take a ten minute trip to the gas station for chewing gum for granted.

Single women, be strong and stay safe!

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