No More Morning Walks

It is out of the question today.  My dogs and I are home-bound and limited to our porch.  On the orders of my family men.

Yesterday I was followed as I walked Julius and Lola and cut my walk short.  A guy the colour of copper with corn rows to the middle of his neck crossed me on the street in a white truck and slowed down to watch me closely right as I was stepping out of our gate.  I scowled at him and cursed him on his way.  He pulled over not far behind me and put his truck in park.  It was an old white Chevy and I took the number down.

He stayed there a little while watching his mirrors as Julius and Lola thankfully did their jobs and I stood rooted to the spot.  I wouldn’t be walking further from safety at this point.  And seeing he wasn’t moving I pulled out my phone, turned to face the parked vehicle, and took a picture.  In fact, just to make sure he got the idea I took a few.  And typed them into a message.  Just in case.

The truck started and pulled out, did a three-point turn and drove toward me.  He didn’t slow and he didn’t look but went back the way he came.  I kept my phone in hand until he was gone.  Got the hell out of Dodge.

This didn’t used to be a problem.  Morning walks were safe with or without company.  Evening walks were safe all the time and night walks were safe with a big dog.  Now all walks are dangerous.

I will need to get myself a bigger dog me thinks.  Mine are little ankle biters and can do some damage but not enough.  But yesterday as I recounted the story to my father and brother I decided, rubbish, I’ll get a gun.

This blog was never intended to be a forum for political opinions.  But this morning I find myself housebound because I do not feel safe.  Two women have disappeared since January.  The hunt for their captors has been clouded with the aspersions cast on their characters.  Who cares if they had known criminal associates?  What human being doesn’t know a criminal?  They are missing.  Likely dead.

It begs the question, if I were to go missing tomorrow would you be looking for ME or would you be looking for a way to justify why the world is better off without me?


5 thoughts on “No More Morning Walks

  1. This is not good!

    Still, they don’t want to mess with the “senior family man” daughter for we all know that would not end well – for them!

  2. So true Nikki. The crazy thing is that we are such a small society of people. However, as a result of the criminal elements that also plaque the law and enforcement divisions that are suppose to keep the crime in check in this community has lost the trust of the majority of the community. Many women are afraid to go out after dark. Businesses that operate at night are suffering. But we keep pouring money into the enforcements and all they do is buy these high tech toys which will further empower them to abuse their powers and solve less cases. Go to Court and listen to the cases and you will see the incompetence of the police with the ‘unimaginable careless’ way in which they prosecute a case. Women no longer have any safety in this country, so we just don’t do what we normally did and felt safe doing. We have ceased living the ‘free’ island life, without a worry about being watched, stalked, harassed or abducted raped, murdered or go missing without a trace.

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