Last night I met my match.  Exactly what I needed.  Had me leaning into the curves and squeezing tight with first fear and then curiosity and then excitement but always adrenaline.  Sure… the day had been spent in work and stress and productivity and focus.  But the night was spent in a rush.

After the first ride I came off shaking.  Aftershocks.  Was that really 90 miles per hour?  Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.  Long exhale.  When I got back on it was with new understanding – a brand new appreciation.  Total exhilaration.  The rush of naked speed.

Today I have a new goal.  A new resolution.  A semi-financial goal to meet a carnal need.  By next year this has to be mine.  I have to own this rush.  Remember this please – on the 5th of September 2011 I decided that on the 5th of September 2012 I MUST HAVE IT.  ALL to myself.  Available 24 hours a day to rock my little world…

© Brent Mclennon photography


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