What had happened was…

…I met this girl.  Last night in the club.  A cute kitten too!  Gorgeous redhead.  I swear I thought she was a model.  And she was all over me.  Seriously!  You gotta believe me man!  So… there she was purring and rubbing up next to me on the dance floor.  I was like girl relax!  There’s enough Black Lightning to go around – he’s not goin’ anywhere.  In fact I’ll be here all week!   Soon enough she had me running for the door.  She was tellin’ me this and tellin’ me that and how she has never taken a black cat home before.

So we get to her place and start to get close.  She slipped into something comfortable.  And I slipped outta my pants.  And then…

Black Lightning Walk of Shame



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