New Life

Herb Babies

The one thing I went outside my budget for on my Shop Like An Accountant spree was justified to me as an investment.  It was a little box that promised to be my own herb garden.  I figured $16 is the least I could pay for an unlimited supply of lovely smelling and tasting plants in my kitchen, no?

I wasn’t home properly yet before I was tearing open the cardboard – the little stand and the little pots were all neatly packed with soil pods and sachets of seed.  Before unpacking my clothes I had put the soil to soak and stuck my finger in to make holes in the spongy damp to dump little mounds of seed into.  At about midnight I put the pots on the stand out in a spot carefully chosen to get the best of the morning sun.

This morning I came outside to a great reward.  Not even a week later the green shoots are fighting their way up in four of the five pots.

Sun Rose smiling

Not only do I have herb babies this morning, but my sunroses are peaking out at me.  Tiny little suns that solicit a smile from the blackest of moods.

But best of all are my orchids.  Today I found not two, not four, but EIGHT orchid spikes!  My home will be bursting into bloom before my birthday.  Some would believe it is my Grandmother, the orchid lady, reaching from the beyond to comfort me.  I prefer to believe it is my God, using the things of beauty and the memories of meaning to get me back on track, back to his business.

Pink dendrobiums!

New life brings new promise – be it a plant, a puppy or a child.  Today I am taking all my promises in with a deep breath of fragrant garden air.

Happy Friday!

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