In My Own Bed


© Brent Mclennon

I’ve travelled the world

And learned what I could

I’ve been more adventurous

Than they said I should

But if on one morning

I find myself dead

I’m sincerely hoping

It’s in my own bed.


Love has come and gone

And left me all shook

My own fragile peace

I have often forsook

And learned the hard way

There’s much to be said

For the sweet solitude

Found in my own bed.


Still though I roam

Seeking all earthly good

Venturing far from

My own neighbourhood

Betrayals lay waiting

Down paths I’ve been led

Leaving me deeply longing

For my own gentle bed


So I’ll let myself be

Wined and then dined

And choose for my company

Life’s best refined

But when time winds down

To rest weary head

You best be believing

It’s in my own bed


Vodka makes you pregnant

Bile makes you wise

But the truth of the moment

Lies hid from one’s eyes

Fight hard dear one against

Games played with your head

And escape from all danger

To your sensible bed


Pick sense from nonsense

And do not be fooled

For the bed of another

Is only a tool

Employed by the best

Who will see your soul dead

You’d best be retreating

To your own honest bed


There you’ll find a dear sister

In sweet solitude

And her gentle companion

A charmed interlude

That lures a dear lover

With words yet unsaid

And a heart that finds passion

And home in your bed


In my own bed

Overlooking the sea

I’ll rest in the peace

Of me doing me

And no matter the poison

Whether thought, done or said

I’ll sleep easy knowing

I’m in my own bed.


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