Accountant pedicure anyone?

This shopping like an Accountant thing seems to be a catching theme! I am right now sat next to some ladies in the pedicure chair and one says to the other “JC Penny is a store I just would never go into until last week when you told me about those cute little purses? Remember? When I was growing up it was Burdines and now its like Macy’s but… I think I’m converted.” How far the mighty are falling.

The little asian guy doing her feet starts to laugh when she wiggles away from the grater-thing. “This is the best part! Sometimes when I do this part women call my name.”

I almost fell outta my chair! He winked at me as it flew right over her cute little blond head.

But at least she’s shopping like an Accountant!

4 thoughts on “Accountant pedicure anyone?

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