© Brent Mclennon, 2011

She may be a virgin
Or even a queen
A prize heavyweight
On the corporate scene
She may save lives
Be a dedicated mother
A teacher, a leader
A faithful lover.
No matter how hard she works to be good
She will suffer the pain that is named Womanhood.

She’ll be taken for granted
Not enough yet too much
She’ll thirst for acceptance
And starve for a touch
She’ll cross valleys of doubt
Sowing seeds of pure gold
She will sweeten with beauty
But wake up alone.
Her virtues and flaws will be misunderstood
She will shower in pain living out Womanhood.

The weight of her breasts
The spread of her hips
Poison poured out on her
By malevolent lips
The rending of childbirth
Empty heartbreak
The agony of love
Grief, wrinkle and ache:
She will never be quite as blessed as she should
Because her life is a path through Womanhood.

2 thoughts on “Womanhood

  1. This is a very touching piece. For me a woman much farther up my journey than you are it speaks volumes. Keep writing, there is a whole lot more where these thoughts are streaming from.
    Ms Angela

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