Up Close – Caly-puss and Anji-puss


Name: Caly-puss

Age: About 1 human year

Intrests: Extreme kitty sports involving consumption of strings, destroying furniture, milk.  Really likes milk.

Looking for:  New ways to keep my man interested.  Leaning towards jumping out of the third floor window on to a ledge while he begs me to come back inside.  But only after the stitches are out.

Anji-Puss (Darth Vader)

Name: Anji-puss, also known as Spook and Darth Vader and Pooter

Age: About 15 human years

Intrests: None.  Go away.

Looking for:  Didn’t you hear me the first time?  Beat it!

2 thoughts on “Up Close – Caly-puss and Anji-puss

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