All Hail!

A friend of mine recently married sat down to lunch with me and confided.  He said “Bushlings, it is only since I have gotten married that I realize how much of my time before this was spent chasing the V!”  Ok, ok, so he didn’t say the V – he is a He after all – but I’m keeping the stream clean.  He went on to explain to me his mind-blowing self-discovery that I kinda coulda guessed already having watched his antics for years.

Only when he found himself married and committed to being faithful (kudos by the way) did he realize how much of his thinking space had been taken up with how he could make himself more attractive that day, or know how he should approach such-and-such a girl in his building, or what he should say to this other one he might bump into later, all in the aim of making sure he could close the deal.

Not sure how to feel about his discovery, he was like “Bushy, I don’t know what to DO with myself!  I have so much time on my hands and the only thing I have to do is focus on growing, changing and improving me.  And I realize how much of myself I have neglected!  There is so much I need to do!”

To my dear friend who is now building his future with his number one, don’t feel bad baby, you couldn’t help it, because….

…it is what it is.

8 thoughts on “All Hail!

  1. I’m hooked!! ummm by your infinate wisdom of course (don’t get any other ideas).

    The pen is certainly mightier than the sword!

  2. I am hooked for real!!! Your sense of humour and your pespective on life is charming. I had a great laugh I tell you. But I am inclined to say that I am not sure I agree that a lost love was unnecessary to unleach this creative mind. Give your self some credit. This blog is best described as “nothing before its time”
    Ms Angela

  3. Finally I have gotten a chance to watch the video accompanying this interesting piece.
    Certainly loads of merit to it. And in fact I concur that for some men to truly self actualize they must give up the chase of the historical world changer aptly called the “V”. While some men are skilled in accomplishing both the chase and success in their personal lives. All hail the skilled ones among us, they are the ones who build cities.

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